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Savour The High

Upon launching Nitro Grill the idea was to continue to serve the same premium food without compromising on the pure home quality and hence the food at Nitro Grill is the same as when I made it for myself at home.

Everything that we serve are my personal favourites and the best I make!

So if a meat lover wants to experience world class barbecue, surely Nitro Grill is that place where our food will touch your heart!

A man of several hobbies who seeks thrill in the food he eats. In addition, Imran is a competitive National Level renowned Shooter, a kite Surfer, an aviculturist, into off-roading and astro, macro and landscapes being his favourite subjects in Photography.

Barbecue food is health food. One can eat his/her belly full without worrying about putting on that fat on the belly. That’s what we serve at Nitro Grill, Healthy food with premium ingredients.

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